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Kevin Holloway, was born in St.Petersburg, FL - you can't get much further south or more "Southern" than that. The son of two musically talented parents, "Mike" and Sandy Holloway, he began performing at an early age. Kevin's Grand Daddy was a square dance fiddler and his sister, Kristen, is an accomplished musician with her own band. Cousins who play in church and barber shops, there is music in his genes!
Ask Kevin who inspired him and he'll say, "My Father". Mike played a five string banjo as well as guitar. Often Mike & Sandy's living room would be the setting for local musicians to jam. Janelle Sadler, local girl with a fabulous voice, gone L.A. - Florida Folk's Pete Gallagher and Dennis Wallace - just to name a few. These are the kind of folks Kevin grew up around. Between the genes and the influence there's magic in his mandolin. Kevin is an outstanding musician, a humble man, he just won't admit it. He's one of the best mandolin players around! Did we say he can sing and plays guitar too?

If he's not pickin, he'd rather be smoking! Pork, that is ~ just ask him.


Kevin's favorite mandolin is his custom made Williamson

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